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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wedding Dress Shopping

My little sister Bree is engaged! I can't believe this summer she will have a new last name. She's the 7th and youngest in my family and her and I have always been really close. It's been so weird to hear all about wedding planning and to see the rock on her finger.
Her fiance is such a great guy. The whole family is so thrilled that he will be joining our family.

This past weekend while everyone was in town for conference we went dress shopping!!
Of course this isn't the dress and I chose to show this one because it looks nothing like the dress she chose.

But believe me, she found the one and she looks so beautiful. I can't wait for this summer. It's going to be a 'week of weddings' because my older brother is also getting married!! He's marrying the sweetest, most beautiful girl a guy could ask for. Our families have been friends since the beginning of time, I'm blessed to have Celeste as a sister.


  1. That's awesome! She's gonna look beautiful!

  2. I cannot believe she is getting married! She still seems like a Beehive to me!!! What a beautiful girl she is. Tell her congratulations - I am so excited for her!

  3. Sharsti you are so sweet! I am excited to have you as a sister! And your brother is the BEST ever! I'm so glad you got to share that time with Bree! This is going to be a wonderful summer!