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Friday, April 13, 2012

Hobbies as of late

I mentioned in a previous post that I've been working on some new hobbies. This week during Utah's beautiful Spring weather Jackson and I set out to weed the yard.

While we were out there, the school bus, garbage man, and some dogs were all out. It was fun to tell Jackson what all the noises were knowing someday he'll know for himself what they are.


I'll take some more pictures of the bigger flower bed we have, but I forgot earlier when I was weeding. And now it's raining, so it may not be for a couple of days, o well. Josh was grateful for this 'new' hobby of mine, let's hope I can keep up with it. Josh's aunt Christy got us some flower seeds for Easter so when it clears up I'll try planting them.


Do you enjoy doing yard work? 

What are your favorite flowers?
I really wish we had tulips. I think I'm going to plant some for next year.


  1. I do like yard work :) We are going to buy blueberries soon since I LOVED having them at the house downtown (pears and plums were good too), and they even make pink ones that taste the same I guess. Those probably don't count as flowers but they are my favorite plants lol growing your own food is the best kind!

  2. When we had a yard I hated doing yardwork but now that Toby is a real person (as opposed to his 3 month old self) I miss having a yard. I would like to send him out to run around 9000 times. And I might like to have a garden.

    But I kill any plant I see just by looking at it, so maybe not.