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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Double Weddings

The family joked around for a couple of months about how it'd be funny if my sister and brother got married on the same day. The famous last words were, "What could possibly go wrong?" When both couples were trying to figure out how to get all the family there for both days without making those in TX fly up twice they compromised to have the weddings a week apart from each other.

It was wild. It was crazy. It was AWESOME.

Jordan and Celeste's wedding was classic. It was beautiful. Perfect and such a happy day. We all love Celeste so much. We couldn't be happier for the both of them and their new little family of 4.
Celeste's family did such a beautiful job with everything. I loved the 'milk and cookies' bar=)

Bayley was my lifesaver! Josh's flight was canceled so she helped with J...all week=)

J waiting for me to put his socks on haha

The next weekend was my sisters wedding. We decided(my mom and sisters) that we'd do all the food ourselves. The reception was also in my parents backyard. My parents did more work than I think we'll ever know in the yard. It looked so beautiful. They had a lot of help from my talented Aunt Linda as well. She was a HUGE  help. My mom's sisters also helped with the flowers and the wedding cake!

Josh made it to this one, yay!

The week leading up was a lot of work. Everyday we had scheduled what we need to be baking or cooking. We also were trying to entertain all the kids. Although it was a lot of work I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else. We all had so many laughs and great memories. We had fun experimenting with all the delicious food. Our theme was "The bite size bride" because my sister Bree is so short. All the food was mini. Mini cupcakes, cheese cakes, pies, wafer cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and lemon bars. We also had pasta salad, fruit, veggies, bruchetta, chicken sandwiches, and a candy bar.

the start of the dance party

My grandpa's Model A used for the presents
The day was amazing and a lot of fun. The bride and groom looked so happy. At the end of the day we ended with a big dance party. It was a great celebration to an end of the week of weddings.

It was so nice to be together with the entire family. Seriously, all 7 brothers and sisters were there.

we had smore's in the fire pit one night

Another night we went to my sister in laws mom's house
 Throughout the week we realized we had about 8 people in the family that was having/had a Birthday. So, we had a giant Birthday bash for them all with cake and salmon, so delish!
we could all just sit around and talk and laugh, it was the best

Family if forever and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Lake Powell (picture overload)

Last year Josh and I weren't able to go to Lake Powell because I was pregnant and on bed rest. We were so excited to go this year and to experience it with Jackson.

Josh's parents rented a house in Page with his aunt and uncle. There were 14 adults and 5 kids in one house, and it was a lot of fun. We loved being able to come back from a day on the lake and take showers, make our own cooked meals, and hang out as a big family.
the back patio and view

The lake was perfect. The babes would play in the sand and water for hours and then we'd take them on a boat ride and they'd fall fast asleep, perfect!
the shaded baby 'enclosure'

J loved looking out on the boat


Jackson turned 1 while we were down there so I made cupcakes and Josh got him some presents to open. He spent his Birthday exactly how I'd imagine he'd want to. Eating cake, playing in water and dirt all day, and being with his cousins.

wearing the hat that used to be Josh's

"I Am 1" shirt

loved his present
Everyday was spent out on the lake. It was a great way to relax and enjoy the summer heat.
first day launching the boat

safety first

Cousins Natosha and Charlene, sister Whitney, me

the Scott family

tubing with Whit, my favorite thing!

Josh knee boarding

The last day was a Sunday so we headed to church in Page. Then headed home=(
We loved the lake and can't wait for next year=)

Porter Rockwell Race Review

I woke up at 5:30am to get my running gear on and head out the door. I was really glad I chose a race in my neighborhood and that started at 7am because I didn't feel too tired.

I headed to Draper Park where I caught the shuttle up to the start, mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Sandy. Everyone was so friendly, the race vibe was pretty chill and enjoyed getting to know people.

At the race start I had a banana, drank a bit of water, and stretched. We all headed to the start but we didn't end up starting till 7:15. No big deal since it wasn't cold and everyone was just enjoying being up in the beautiful canyon.

My goal for this race was to run the first 3 miles a bit slower than my planned race pace, about a 9 minute mile. Then the next 7 miles at my race pace, about an 8:40 mile, leaving the last 3 to be a bit faster at an 8:27-8:35 mile. It started out great. I felt good, met some nice runners, found my pace and just enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The first 7 miles seemed to fly by. At mile 8 I caught up to a girl who seemed to be going a great pace so I stuck with her until mile 10 until she seemed to stop.

sourceLittle Cottonwood Canyon
The last 3 miles were very mental for me. My motto for the race that I kept repeating in my head was, "Run your own race" I just wanted to enjoy running because lets face it, I paid to get up early and run 13.1 miles so I wanted to make it worth while. I had one goal in my mind, beat 2 hours. I didn't want these last 3 miles to ruin all the hard work I had put in the rest of the race, so I wouldn't let myself slow down or even stop at water stations. I would drink on the go. I made it to the last mile and I was spent. I ended up walk/running 3 times and was sure I had let go of my sub 2 hour goal. I finally saw Josh, family, and the finish line! Unfortunately, you had to do a big loop around the finish line before actually crossing it. As I got closer I finally looked up at the clock and saw 1:56!! I was so excited and exhausted. I can honestly say I left everything I had that day on the race course and it felt great to say so. My body, doesn't feel great. It's pretty sore(mostly my quads from the downhill).

I'm so grateful for my support group. Thanks for all the 'congrats' and love I've received from family and friends. I'm really grateful for Josh who's willing to watch J after long days at work so I can run and for J who's willing to play next to the treadmill while I run.
Aunt Alisha and J

I have 1 more race scheduled on Sept. 22nd. But who knows, I seem to be pretty hooked.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Jared's Farewell and WA day 1

Rewinding to about a month or so ago we sent off Jared(my brother in-law) who's serving a mission in Singapore.

Jackson is really starting to love dogs, I'm so glad since I have a fear that I didn't want to pass on to him.


It was a great day. We weren't actually able to be there when they dropped Jared off at the MTC (Wednesday) because we left for WA on Monday.

I grew up in WA and all the rain and cloudy days are worth it when you experience one sunny day. We arrived and it was a beautiful clear day in the 70's.  We immediately headed outside.

Cousin Angelina

Cousin Danica

Grandma Co Co taking J on the swing
 And of course we had some random fun. . .

The first day/week was filled with catching up with my parents and family that all live just next door. I got there earlier than the rest of my siblings so it was a lot of fun to have my mom all to myself=)
Riding the rocking horse Great Grandpa Dickson made.