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Friday, August 17, 2012

Jared's Farewell and WA day 1

Rewinding to about a month or so ago we sent off Jared(my brother in-law) who's serving a mission in Singapore.

Jackson is really starting to love dogs, I'm so glad since I have a fear that I didn't want to pass on to him.


It was a great day. We weren't actually able to be there when they dropped Jared off at the MTC (Wednesday) because we left for WA on Monday.

I grew up in WA and all the rain and cloudy days are worth it when you experience one sunny day. We arrived and it was a beautiful clear day in the 70's.  We immediately headed outside.

Cousin Angelina

Cousin Danica

Grandma Co Co taking J on the swing
 And of course we had some random fun. . .

The first day/week was filled with catching up with my parents and family that all live just next door. I got there earlier than the rest of my siblings so it was a lot of fun to have my mom all to myself=)
Riding the rocking horse Great Grandpa Dickson made.

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