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Sunday, September 23, 2012

These boys belong in the zoo

My cousin in-law Charlene has an awesome pass to the Hogle Zoo and can get 2 people in for FREE! Whitney and I were lucky enough to get invited this past Friday. We had so much fun! It was perfect cooler weather and wasn't very crowded at all.
Charlene had been telling us about the new polar bear and sea lion exhibit. I was excited, but I had no idea just how cool it would be. The polar bear totally put on a show for us and would come right up to the window and then push off. (I forgot my camera so these are from my phone, sorry for poor quality)
Halle showing J the polar bear

Busy Boys, Jackson, Lance, and Calvin

The boys and Charlene's daughter Halle had such a good time. Halle was the perfect little tour guide and the little boys just trotted around together pounding on all the windows.
Lance, Calvin, and Jackson

Charlene, Halle, and Lance

Thanks again Charlene for thinking of us, it was such a blast!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Big Cottonwood Canyon Half, the good the bad the ugly

Fortunately my neighbors were running the same race so they graciously gave me a ride. I think the one thing that I stress about most is driving to races. I get so nervous that I won't find parking, I'll be late, or get lost so it was nice to take the stress off.
This race was another early morning wake up call, 4am! We got to the buses about 4:45am and made it 11 miles up Big Cottonwood at 5:30am.  It was pretty dark and freezing. I had brought warm clothes but it wasn't enough, luckily the race provided space blankets and they helped so much. I chatted with my neighbor, ate a banana, and before I knew it, it was time to start around 6:33am.
Their were pacers at this race, but I had to choose between a 2 hour pacer or 1:45 pacer. My goal was to run it in 1:50 so I started with the 1:45 pacers. Um, it killed me! By mile 4 I already felt tired and worn out. I started freaking out because I thought I blew the race. I started walking and even kind of tearing up. Some nice gentleman stopped and asked if I was okay, I said I was fine, but in my head my pride was hurt. I wanted to quit. If I had had my phone with me I would've called Josh and told him to come get me. Luckily, I didn't so I decided to get over myself and the 23 some people that just flew by me and told myself, " Run your own race."  I put my music on and followed the white line on the road. I ran extremely slow and just talked myself into getting to the next water station(2 miles away). I stopped at every aid station, got water, and just took it easy up till mile 8. 
I finally started feeling okay, my side ache was gone, and I finally started enjoying the scenery and had realized that the time really had gone by so fast. I couldn't believe I was already almost to mile 10.  Mile 10 I spotted the 2 hour pacer and was so ecstatic! I couldn't believe I had caught up to him and had a chance to beat my time. Did I mention this race is ALL downhill? At mile 10 it started descending a lot and I thought to myself, "I can do this, just keep it up." So I turned my music up louder and just ran.

I crossed the finish line at 8:23am and they didn't have a clock like other races had, so I just heard the announcer as I crossed say 1:53.  But according to when we started(6:33am) and my watch, I think my official time will be closer to 1:50!! I can't believe I made my goal and I'm so glad I didn't decide to give up. Mentally, this race was by far my hardest.
Thanks again to all my family and supporters. Especially these cuties=)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

It's no secret that I love my Birthday. It's hard not to when my husband comes home for lunch with these:

He knows me so well. . .

Then we got a visit from some of our favorite people. Whitney even brought me gifts. My family and friends are just too kind to me. I feel so loved.
cousin Cal

Later that night I met my sisters and their husbands at CPK in Salt Lake. The food was delicious and nothing beats family=) Don't worry the party doesn't stop there.
My sister Bree and the Birthday hat she made me

My sister Leah brought him a ring pop...thanks haha

my sisters and their husbands

take 1

take 2

take 3

the fam=)

the newlyweds, aww...

Saturday night we went to the UT state fair with Josh's family. J loved all the animals and lights. He even had fun at the rodeo with a very loud and rambunctious fellow behind us. . .

Partying still didn't stop there. Sunday my MIL Lee Ann threw Whitney and I a combined Birthday dinner. We both requested the same dinner, great minds think alike. I made some strawberry cheesecake cupcakes from my new recipe book and Whitney made incredibly delicious lemon bars topped with lemon butter cream. . .

 I think Josh had to roll me to our car at the end of the night. I was so stuffed of the best foods. I'm gonna have to give this Birthday weekend 5 stars, until next year.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

We have fun together

The other night we decided we needed to get out of the house. We headed over to the local strip mall by our house that includes a Pet Smart. J loved looking at all the animals. It's pretty much a free zoo...

After, we needed to do something about Jackson's hair situation. He's finally grown some, but it's gotten pretty long and straggly. Josh and I teamed up and gave J his first hair cut.
he was really excited to be sitting on the toilet all by himself

The weather has been a little cooler and the trees on the mountain behind us are already changing colors. It put me in the mood to bake. So, today J and I made some banana bread. I love that he gets excited with me to do things.
I gave him a bit of flour and cups to 'help'

he loved it

mmm banana bread

Lately towards the end of the night Jackson turns into a wild monkey. All you other parents out there I'm sure are well aware of this transformation but it's new to us. haha He'll just start flopping around, cracking himself up, and making loud bursts of noise. Josh and I just look at each other and laugh like what have we created?? haha
couldn't even get a clear pic because he was moving so quickly

We have fun together doing the little things. I love my little family.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LIfe lately

Pictures to update you on what we've been up to lately. . .

J had his 1 year appt, a month ago. He's very healthy and did great during his shots. Unfortunately, a week after his shots he broke out in a rash(not contagious and it's common). He was sad, and uncomfortable with the rash and his new front teeth coming in.

We've been spending a lot of time with family and friends

Riding bikes with cousins
Yesterday morning during J's bath, he was cracking himself up. He would make 'bubbles' in the bath, if you catch my drift, and laugh! haha

Birthday party for his friend Lacey
Lacey in her tutu and our friend Rydelle

J was 'helping' Lacey open presents

Josh traveled to California for work and J thought he was going, so he threw his binky in to secure his spot.

We're loving the beautiful weather and try and play outside a lot. We went on a family walk up temple quarry in Sandy.

That brings us up to speed with today. Today we're playing with cousin Calvin while his mom gives Flu shots. They are best buds and I've been laughing all morning. They both just woke from their naps, little sleepy eyes. They're just too cute!
sorry it's a phone pic