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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How did you get there?

The nursery is right by the master bedroom and I often put Jackson in his room to play with toys while I'm folding laundry or making the bed in the other room.  The other day I heard his little voice rather close. I turned around and he had followed me and was almost to my bedroom door. Uh, you don't crawl or walk to my knowledge. How did he get there?

Well, after further investigation, I realized he scooted like a caterpillar with his bum in the air half way, and rolled the rest.

He's our rollie pollie.


I have several goals for myself this month and I'm glad I was able to cross one off my list right away. I ran 5 miles without stopping and I survived.  I wasn't worried how fast I was going, I just wanted to finish without walking and feel good. For some reason the number 5 scared me and I was putting it off.  Well, it no longer intimidates me, and I have a new goal to run 6 miles before my half training officially starts.  I physically felt good after, but mentally I felt better. Running to me is more mental than physical and it felt good to overcome a personal milestone.
One of my favorite post run snacks

Low fat cottage cheese, 1/3 of a large banana, with a sprinkle shower of cinnamon

Monday, February 27, 2012

eeples and beeneenees

Summer fruits are one of my favorite things about the season. Juicy peaches, nectarines, and of course watermelon.  During the Winter it's a little more difficult to satisfy my craving.  I usually settle for clementines, apples, and bananas.  Vegetables on the other hand are even more difficult. . . all year round.  Josh and I aren't that into any particular vegetable. I know they are important, so I still provide some type of vegetable at dinner or lunch (tomatoes, broccoli, onions, or carrots typically)
I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. . .
Jackson's face after a bite of peas
Jackson's face after apple/blueberry medley
Maybe I'll have to hide vegetables in smoothies for him like I do for myself. . .

Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 Years

During my Junior year of college at BYU I was offered a job with BYU Athletics as the front desk secretary.  I was so thrilled I had found a job that didn't require an over sized shirt and a bright orange hat like my previous job.  My roommate and best friend worked right behind me, and I got hooked up with sport tickets, and there was always some delicious food to devour.  I had hit the jackpot. Little did I know how great a jackpot it would become...

Josh worked in BYU Athletic Marketing in the same office and we became great friends.  He'd send a frisbee over the little wall that separated our desks with funny notes.  Our friendship bloomed into a relationship, and before we knew it, we were engaged to be married February 11, 2010.

This past weekend we celebrated 2 years in Park City.  We had a lot of fun. We both love Park City and had a great time walking around main street and going to the outlets.  We stayed in a cute condo that had such a homey feeling.
Dinner Friday night

After our attempt to walk around main street we thought it would be fun to drink cocoa by the fire, watch some TV, and let J roll around on the trundle bed (the floor was all hardwood, so the spare bed would be more comfy for him). Unfortunately, when we both tried to lean back and sip our cocoa, the bed folded up on us spilling our cocoa everywhere! 
between the pillows by the controller
Jackson was a lot happier Saturday walking around the outlets. It was much warmer too.
Saturday was beautiful!

These past 2 years truly have been the happiest years. I'm one lucky girl and look forward to our many adventures.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

6 Months Already?

Our Sweet Baby J,
You love to laugh, smile, and put anything you can grab into your mouth.

You love eating squash, bananas, applesauce, and you lick any treats Dad or I give you.
You hate peas and green beans. You eat EVERYTHING, but not green stuff you won't even open your mouth.
You roll over really well, but you don't sit up without pillows quite yet.

You weigh 19.6lbs and you're 26.3 inches long. You love to giggle and laugh when dad tickles you or he does a funny voice. You like to snuggle up to mom's neck and you love to be on my hip. If you could be strapped there all day you'd be one happy boy. Unfortunately, my arms are just not that strong!
Sleeping at night has gone pretty well considering the recent travel we've done. You're sleeping in your own crib and sleep through the night without any feedings.  Some nights I find you stuck in the corner because of all your wiggling, but I'm hoping it's just a phase.
Playing 'super baby' on mom's legs

You're such a joy in our lives.  You love to cuddle with dad. If you're crying you will automatically stop at any time if we sing, " The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

Love you JJ

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

J & C

Jackson and Calvin are growing up so fast. Every time we get together they are both doing new things that entertain us all night.
They are so cute together. They both constantly move their legs and flail their arms and hands.

Best Friends

We have so much fun with our boys, if only Whitney could live just a lil closer...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is the day of love.  This isn't just for those that are in relationships, but also a day where you can send someone a sweet note of love. This could be to your parents, a neighbor, or family member.  I think it's a great reminder to say 'I love you.'
Tonight Josh and I plan to order Chinese take out with homemade heart shaped pazookie, and a movie about love... or whatever we feel like.
Don't worry I didn't forget about why you really read my blog

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Monday!

I know Mondays for most people are "the worst day of the week" but ever since I've become a mommy I love Mondays.
Mondays allow me to get back into routine from the fun chaotic weekend.  But if you know me, you know I love my lists, schedule, and beloved planner.  So, here's to a great Monday full of productivity!

Oh, and I get to wake up to this everyday=D

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Business Trip

This past week Baby J and I flew to WA State to babysit for my brother.  Who knew my job as a homemaker would involve traveling?
Danika wanted to take her nap in the hutch

It was fun to play mom for the week to my brother, dad, and his 2 daughters 9 & 2.  The weather started out so beautiful, but ended pretty typical of WA weather.  It was really fun to catch up with a few friends and family before I came down with an annoying cold. 
My parents backyard as the clouds creeped in

My mom was babysitting for my other brother in TX so I wasn't able to see her. That was a bummer, but she knows me too well. She left a package of swedish fish in my night stand=D
Danika playing with J as he worked on sitting up

My brother and his daughter Angelina holding J