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Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about dancing in the rain.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cabin Weekend

Sunday after church, Josh and I headed up to the Scott's cabin in Oakley.  We met his family up there and ate a delicious dinner and stayed up all night playing games, watching movies, and talking about babies (Josh's sister and I are both pregnant, so lots of baby talk).  We played Monopoly deal, Blokus, and Kinect.  All were paired with lots of laughing and good times.  The weather was pretty awful, there was about 3 inches of snow so we weren't able to go hike around the beautiful lake up there, but we had fun snacking on all the goodies Josh's mom brought up.  No pictures this time, I was in sweats and no make-up most of the weekend and I don't find that picture worthy haha
Thanks Josh for such a great memorial weekend, I love making memories with you!

Memorial Festivities

Saturday's, as mentioned before, Josh and I love to scope out garage sales.  This Saturday was such a success! Not only did we find a ton of baby toys, clothes, swings, and everything else, it was only 2 houses down.  We already have a lot of baby stuff from my sisters, but we got a baby safety gate for $2 and a basketball hoop for $5. 
After stashing our finds, we headed to my sister Leah's house for my nephew Ike's birthday.  They just moved into their new house and we had a huge barbecue.  It was so much fun to be with family, eat good food, and see Ike get so excited about his presents. He turned 5 and is such a funny kid.  Once everyone had arrived, he stood on their stairs and announced, " Can I have everyone's attention please? Thank you all for coming to my Birthday, let's get this started with a prayer.  Josh, could you say the prayer?" haha He was so polite and loved to be the star. Did I mention he's obsessed with Cars? His mom made an awesome cake for him!


Josh booked a Sweet 16 Birthday party in Vernal for Thursday night.  We left Thursday afternoon and made the 3 hour drive and made a fun trip out of it.  We got there and ate at A&W because I love onion rings right now, checked in to our hotel and got ready for the party.  The party was themed techno, so there were light dancers and we played crazy techno music.  Not usually our scene, but it was fun and very entertaining. 
The next day we did a session at the Vernal Temple. It was such a great experience, their temple is very small and we felt so welcomed by all the regulars there (yup a group of the cutest old people do 3 sessions a day!) They were ecstatic to see a young couple.
After we made our way to the Dinosaur Museum! We had a great time in Vernal and decided it would be really fun to take Baby Jackson to play at the museum when he's a little older=D

Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Jackson

28 weeks today means our little boy is growing rapidly.  He can blink, has eyelashes, and is around 2 1/4 pounds! I can see him pushing on my belly often and Josh finally felt him kick.  He already has such a fun personality, he'll be kicking and kicking and then Josh will try and feel and he'll stop.  It's like he doesn't want to kick daddy...I can tell already Josh and Jackson are a team. haha

Great Weekend!

This weekend was pretty rainy, but the clouds opened up and the sun shined on Saturday.  Josh and I took full advantage and hunted out some garage sales.  We love looking for a good deal.  Unfortunately there was nothing this weekend, but it was still fun to drive with our windows rolled down shouting when we saw a 'garage sale' sign. 
Saturday was also my sister in-law Whitney's baby shower.  It was a really fun party with cute decorations and delicious food.  I love my second family, they're always so kind to me and make me feel so welcomed.  Whitney received so many great gifts, I'm so happy for her and it made me excited for my shower.  Here's a pic of her and I, we're exactly 1 month apart.  She's due July 15 and I'm due August 15th!

Monday, May 16, 2011

27 weeks!

Here's the belly shot!

I've been feeling pretty good. For the first time in my life I had heart burn.  It was not pleasant at all, but Josh was very sweet and got me Tums.  Unfortunately, I didn't connect that Tums is pure calcium containing lactose...I'm lactose intolerant.  The next day I wasn't feeling so pleasant after having about 7 Tums within 2 days.  Other than that, I'm still feeling really good, exercising, and haven't had heart burn since. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day and 26 week shot!

I love Mother's Day, I love being able to pamper my mom and tell her how much I love her. But this year, I wasn't able to be with her.  It was said because all of her girls and one of my brothers live in UT and ID now.  That means only 2 brothers and my dad were left to make her day special.  I'm sure they did great, but I still miss being there with her.  The sisters sent her gift certificates to get 2 60 min massages!
For my mother's day present, Josh got me the treadmill I have been wanting for awhile. I use it all the time unless it's nice out.  He knows me too well!

 I'm now 26 weeks! My due date got moved to August 15th! I couldn't be more thrilled!