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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Courtney and Blake=D

My best friend Courtney got married on Friday (19th) in the Salt Lake Temple.  It's the 4th sealing I've been blessed to be in.  She looked so beautiful and us bridesmaids had such a great time.  We're all friends from freshman year and have been there for each other ever since.  We had the luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial building and the reception was in West Jordan at Magnolia Grove.  She's such a special girl, Blake is one lucky man! There headed to San Diego for the honeymoon as I type=D
 This is Courtney and Blake, sorry I don't have more pictures that show their beautiful faces! The beautiful SL temple, Sooo gorgeous! Me, Liz, Shaylin, and Amanda at the Joseph Smith Memorial building overlooking the SL temple. Amanda was getting lessons from Liz on how to take good photos. The next picture is me dropping ice cream all over my dress... I almost made it through the night! Josh came to the reception, love him! The last picture is one I took of our rings, I was trying to be cool and take artistic pictures like Liz hahaha

Movie Night!

Josh and I have Netflix and we absolutely LOVE it! We watch old seasons from shows we didn't have time to watch the first time around, documentaries, and lots and lots of movies! We take full advantage of Netflix and we get excited about our movie nights.  This week our movie choice was Karate Kid, the new one with Jaden Smith.  I was a bit hesitant to watch it because there are already like 17 Karate Kids haha but we watched it, and I really liked it! I highly recommend it=D
The picture is of Josh's idea of 'snacks in bed'(popcorn and grapes) because we don't have any cute trays and what not, he found a convenient way of using the pot roast pan hahah he's so cute!

Birthday Party for Cyd

Throughout the years my family has been making their way to UT. I absolutely love it! 2 of my 3 sisters live here, and a lot of my cousins.  Now I just need my parents and my 3 brothers!
 So, some of my cousins got together and threw our cousin Cydnie a 22nd birthday party at my place.  We had a great time eating pizza, chips, and Shannie's delicious chocolate caramel cake.  Cydnie and Shannie just had baby boys, so it was fun for me and Sawyer to hold their babies.  I hope we all can get together again soon! We also played catch phrase...boys against girls, of COURSE the girls won, Sawyer and I are too competitive to let the boys win. hehe

And all that Jazz

 So I've been neglecting my blog, so I'm finally catching up.  The other week Josh and I went to a Jazz game with his cousin Erik and aunt Paula.  We had a lot of fun, I got a giant thing of popcorn(I'm obsessed with popcorn!) so that made me very happy.  The second thing that made me happy was, the Jazz won! They have been doing so well this season, keep it up boys!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Josh and I had our first Halloween last year. We had a blast! This year is our first year as a married couple.  We've never carved pumpkins together, this year we did! I cleaned it all out and made it pretty on the outside, (photo on the left is my sister Leah, she found her Halloween costume..Richard Simmons!)
 then Josh got to choose what to carve...of course, it's a Nike swoosh. He's so funny! This weekend we went to my sister Neeley's for a halloween dinner and her Birthday celebration.We ate delicious soup and A LOT of candy and caramel apples.The kids loved them!  Saturday we made caramel apples again with some of our friends and watched The Knowing (we tried to find a really scary movie, but they're all R) so this movie was good and pretty creepy. We went to dinner to Pei Wei and had a great time! Another successful Halloween!