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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Update

As I write this my head and shoulders are slightly slouched.  My last post was me basically shouting at the roof tops about my new clean very own room dedicated to working out.  I love how working out makes me feel, it's really one of my few hobbies.  Last week my Dr. told me I had to stop running because I had begun dilating.  I did just that, and kept my workouts to walking and weight training.  This week, I progressed more, I'm now a full centimeter dilated.  That doesn't sound like much to me, but I guess it's enough for my Dr. to tell I'm not allowed to workout for at least a week in a half !! So goodbye favorite room. . . Josh has even threatened to hide the treadmill cord. I'll be good, I want our baby to be healthy and not have to be in the NICU.
We had an ultrasound and he looks great and growing very well.  I had to get steroid shots to help develop his lungs in case I do go into labor early (so not fun!)
So for the next couple of weeks, I'll be blogging, watching too much TV, and probably become a new couch pillow on my in-laws couch so I don't die of boredom.

I'm going to miss feeling like this after working out. . .
And I'll be doing a lot more of this (stuffing my face, it's what I do when I'm bored)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Woman Cave

Josh may have done most/all of the work, but I have a new favorite room in the house, my 'woman cave.' I have always wanted to have a home gym and then train friends or close acquaintances.  I can't train officially yet because I'm not certified, but it's definitely on the "to do" list. 
Josh found the flat screen on an Ebay Daily Deal for $150! Steal! Now I can watch my shows, do my Jillian videos, and stretch all in the same room! I'm in love . . .

Josh of course put his touch in the room (he likes to run at night on the treadmill too)
(all of the walls are full of Lebron pictures and BYU football and basketball pics too) hehe

WARNING: TMI picture I know, but it's proof of the love and my approval of the room. Yup, that's my awesome side burn sweat haha

Now the room just needs more weights, rubber bands, an exercise ball, and a mat or two.  I'm thinking Christmas and Birthday gifts. . .

Wedding Crashers

Weekends for Josh and I during the summer get pretty crazy.  Our Friday and Saturday nights (and even some Thursdays) are booked with wedding after wedding.  Last weekend we had 4 in one Saturday, luckily Josh has hired other DJ's to help out. This weekend was no different.  Saturday's wedding was up in Park City, it's so gorgeous up there! Unfortunately, this weekend there was also a food festival exactly where the wedding was being held, so there was NO parking! We had to walk a good mile to get to the venue. . .
 Me being 8 months pregnant in heels, and it being about 70 degrees out, Josh and I were not happy about the ridiculous parking, or lack there of. . .

Don't mind my flared nostrils or the extreme close-up on Josh's face. . . just realize we were sad haha

After our trip to Park City we decided we wanted to vacay there soon.  Josh kept mentioning how he really wanted to ride these . . .

Not to mention the delicious restaurants and great outlet shopping. (Nike outlet= Josh's obsession) I'm very content with Nike, but let's not forget there's a Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. . .

The wedding went very well.  They were a very lively group (open bar always seems to bring out the 'best' in people)

Yup, that's a 14 yr old kid in a cheer leading moved called "the elevator" He agreed with Black Eyed Peas, tonight was gonna be a good night. . .

And one last picture of my cute hubby Josh, so handsome! (sorry for the blurriness. ya he doesn't like pictures, so I was trying to sneak this one, I was caught red-handed)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Boy!

At 32 weeks Baby Jackson has decided to drop already, so I think my belly looks different.  Last week at my apt. I was dilated to about 1 cm.  so I'm now taking medication to slow my contractions down.  I still feel good, just contract all the live long day! I'm not allowed to run anymore, so my workouts are more walking, strength training, and I recently went to yoga(not sure if I enjoy it yet). I'm more into workouts that make you sweat and I sing along to my playlists and often dance in between, so yoga sorta puts on damper on my style. . .

Due to excessive weight gain, my cheeks now squish my eyes to an even smaller squint haha

Oh baby baby!

If you know me at all you know how incredibly un-crafty(if that's a word) I am.  The last time I sewed was in Junior High when I tried to make pajama pants in a summer sewing class.  I managed to do the pattern backwards and ended up with backward looking scrubs. . . So, as you can imagine it was a large task for me to make baby Jackson something 'homemade'.  My sister in-laws and MIL are all very crafty.  Jessica made me a gorgeous blanket, Whitney made me the cutest drool bandanas, and my MIL is making me a cute rag blanket.  Ok, so let's get to it, I thought the car seat covers looked relatively easy and decided that would be my 'homemade' contribution.  Don't worry it just took me about 4-5 hours!! My MIL was so sweet and dropped everything to help me.  She taught me how to use a sewing machine and coached me step by step. Here's the finished project (no looking too closely, may cause you to be ashamed)

The best part is it's double sided! I hope baby Jackson enjoys!

Summer Cookin'

I have totally neglected my blog lately, my mom surprised me by coming to town for my shower and stayed a whole week! It was the best gift ever, but that means I dropped everything and hung out with her and my sisters every minute possible. (below is my gorgeous mom and little sister=D)

But now I'm back to real life, making dinner for Josh and I and I wanted to share one of my favorite foods.  Red Robin's teriyaki chicken burger is one of my favorite splurges. So, I made it myself with a healthy twist. I didn't use mayo, and I loaded it with lettuce, tomatoes, pineapple, and a bit of pepper jack cheese.  The sides were sweet potatoes fries and fresh cantaloupe.  Josh had seconds, so I feel that was a success! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

31 weeks and happy! Sorry my pictures are always in the exact same spot, that's the only way I can do them myself haha
My baby is 3.3 pounds, 16 inches long, and can move his arms, legs, and head. I've been feeling him move a lot, but I enjoy those movements, he doesn't keep me up at night and I've still remained active.  I feel great, and don't mind that I have 9 weeks left.  I think I need those weeks to continue to prepare all Josh and I can.  Josh on the other hand, is getting really excited.  He keeps saying how he wants him to come now.  I think he's anxious to put on his Nike shoes and outfits he got from the shower.  Our baby is going to dress like a stud=D