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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last date night

Last Friday could've been mine and Josh's last date night where we don't have to get a babysitter or bring a little friend with us. 
The Doc says I'm 2 cm dilated and 65% effaced, I think it will be any day now.  I've had some other signs too, so I just hope little Jackson can at least wait till tomorrow evening when my mom's flight comes in.
So for our last hoorah, Josh and I went and saw Captain America. It was very entertaining, and it helped that the new draper movie theater has comfy leather seats that rock and give me plenty of stretching room.

Then we went to Joe's Crab Shack and ate delicious crab, potatoes, and mahi mahi. Of course we ended our night at Yogurt Stop.   love frozen yogurt, especially during the summer when the raspberries are so very delicious.
When Josh has to lift heavy things around the house for me, he often says, "Ya I can get that, I'll just Hulk it." After seeing Captain America, Josh now wants an awesome shield and you can refer to him as Captain America. . . 

Birthday Wishes

My little sister Breanna turned 19 this weekend.  She's living in UT for the summer before she goes back to BYU-ID.
Sunday night we headed to my sister Neeley's house and had scrumptious pasta, rolls, watermelon, and caeser salad.  My other sister Leah was there too.  That makes all of the sisters together, it was a lot of fun, but we definitely missed the rest of the family.
We had delicious homemade red velvet cake (made by Leah) and homemade vanilla ice cream (made by Neeley).  It was all so good.  We played balderdash, if you haven't played and you have a sense of humor, you should play.  I seriously haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  I was afraid I'd pee my pants haha

We talked about old memories of Bree.  She is a hilarious individual, so we had some very good laughs. Here are some pics of Bebop. . .

Friday, July 22, 2011


Monday night for family night Josh and I were invited to go to the Day's of 47 opening Rodeo.  This was my first rodeo. (Okay when I was 16 there was a short rodeo before a Brad Paisley concert if that counts).  We were very close to all the action and we had a good time with our friends Kristin & Brody, and Jillian & Eric. 
The prophet was there that night too! We didn't see him, but it was in the newspaper the next day.  We also made it in the newspaper. . .
Can you find us? (our heads are to the right of the horses head)

We got roasted pecans and cashews covered in sugar, ymm!

We stayed till the very end so we could see the motorcycle show

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Love to see the Temple

Saturday morning Josh and I made our way to the Draper Temple.  It's only about 3 minutes away, and it was a beautiful day.  We love going to the temple, we're not sure when the next time will be that we go since baby Jackson could come at anytime.  It was a great experience and always makes me feel really good and rejuvenated. 
Afterward we drove around the temple and looked at all the giant homes.  Josh always gets really excited to look at these homes.  It's his dream to own one someday. . .

Monday, July 18, 2011

Draper Days!

Josh and I love Draper.  We feel so fortunate to live in such a great community.  This past weekend was Draper Days and we took full advantage.
We got prime spots for the outdoor movie (Mega Mind, so funny!)

Our entertainment before the sun went down. Local artist, she was great!

Cards to play, chapstick for after popcorn, and licorice cuz we love it!

The sun was finally going down, time for the movie!

We invited Josh's cousin Nate and his family, cutest little girl.

The giant screen
We got free hot dogs, water, chips, cookies, and popcorn. It was such a fun night and perfect weather too. 

36 weeks

I'm in the home stretch.  One more week and I'm considered full term. 
Mom's flight, check
to go bags packed, check
He's 6 lb's this week and will continue to put on an ounce a day until delivery.  I feel him move a lot, and I love it.  In a way I'm going to miss being pregnant, it's gone by really fast, before Josh and I know it, he'll be here.
Things I can't wait for:
to sleep on my belly
eat whatever I want
Running (or any exercise for that matter)
holding my little baby and hearing his sweet coos

So much to look forward to!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We finally got the nursery set up, and I love it! We haven't done the decorations on the walls yet, but my MIL is going to come over and share her crafty talent =D
Sorry the pictures aren't very good, I'm not a good photographer, but you get the idea. . .

And I'm 35 weeks! My apt. went very well.  For the first time in awhile I didn't have any new progress.  So I'm still dilated to a 1+ but he's dropped more.  I lost weight which is weird because I haven't been able to be active in any way for a couple of weeks now and I basically sit around and eat. . . so I'll work on that! =D My mom comes in 2 weeks, so I'm going to try hard to keep him in there until she arrives. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Independence Day

My brother Joel and his beautiful family is moving to TX, so on their drive they stopped in UT.  We met up with them in Provo for a huge family picnic.  It was such a blast!
My beautiful sisters (Sarah, me, Bree, Leah)
I successfully made the traditional flag jello.  It was a hit and there were no leftovers to bring home. Fine with Josh and I, funny thing, neither of us like jello much and I hate whipped cream.
We headed to Sandy to see a parade with Josh's dad and grandparents.  His mom was MIA because my SIL was in labor!!
Josh, Grandpa Chesler, Richard

Cute little George Washington and Lady Liberty

coolest power wheel I've ever seen. . .

um, tape shoes?

it's cool, I'm going to dec my jazzy out too when I can't walk anymore. .

Have I mentioned Josh HATES pictures?

Then we made our way to Kaysville for a BBQ and firework show at my sister Leah's house.  There was a lot of food involved, family, and good music.  The firework show was awesome. I loved spending time with the fam!
Josh and his brother Jared. They couldn't look more different from each other!

Bree having fun with fireworks

8 5 yr olds??

This past Sunday I substituted for the sunbeam teacher.  My belly has really impaired my ability to move fast, bend over, or pick anything more than a plate up. Luckily my little sister was in town and came to church with us to be my trusty side kick.  I taught the lesson, and Bree let the cute little munchkins sit on her lap, chase them when necessary (yup they run when door opens haha) and do anything else that I couldn't.
My sister's are always there for me. I love having them a phone call away. They're my best friends and I love them!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

summer cool down

Josh loves slurpees period.  7/11 usually does the trick, but during the summer we are blessed with, what I call, mega slurpees aka snow cones or afrikan ice.  There's a delicious Afrikan Ice stand right by my MIL's house that we couldn't resist.  It was delicious! They put ice cream at the bottom, or you can even get cream! It was the best summer cool down.
Josh devouring his tiger's blood with pina colada

Bree got mango with cream

ride em' cowboy

This past weekend my little sister Bree came to visit.  She loves horseback riding and begged for me to take her.  Unfortunately I'm 8 months pregnant and could pop at anytime, so my amazing MIL offered to take her instead.  Josh's family owns 2 horses and boards a couple others so they have been around horses a lot and live right by a beautiful trail in Sandy.  Josh and his brother Jared helped too.  It was fun to watch, but I felt bad because it was, oh, 20 degrees hotter than any normal human being would enjoy.  Add dirt, heavy lifting, and chasing horses, and it was enough to get me exhausted just watching.
Jared and Bree getting the saddles ready

After a lot of chasing, Lee Ann got the bridle on Hollis

Getting all the rocks out so the saddle doesn't hurt him

And me watching, Dr. orders =D