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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Short Lived

Well, unfortunately, I am not very tech savvy (as if that was a shock to anyone).  I cannot figure out how to post a new post on my training page.  I don't think it's possible, I think I can only add another page. Boo, that's not what I wanted. . .
So, I will post here my workout today, and then hopefully one of my more tech savvy friends will help me with my ever so important dilemma.
Ran 4 miles on the TM/1.0 incline/ 40 min

It was hard, I was tired, but I did it, so I feel good. 

Random: Costco was having a sale on their GIANT bags of peanut M&M's and that's what Josh chose for our dessert for date night. Well, lets just say that was Wednesday and the bag has maybe 5 left. . . I think the peanut inside counts as the protein I need after a workout right? Well that's what I've been telling myself.

Friday, January 27, 2012

New page!

With the help of my sister in-law to be, I have a new page or tab on my blog. It's to the left of my page titled 'my training.'  This is where I will update my workouts and how I'm doing during my training for my half marathon and my normal workout routines.  This is a way for me to track myself, but I hope you read and give me advice and what not=D

About 4 months to go till the UT Valley Half!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

For your entertainment

I was playing around with my camera today and found this out
Yup, now all my photos can be THAT awesome. I've always wanted a setting that would give my photos an extra bedazzle...
And you thought your camera was cool. lol

Date Nights

Since Jackson was born we've only gone on a few 'real' dates. Meaning, Jackson did not join. This week we were invited to a Jazz game.  Our seats were in a suite! We got dinner and had such a fun time being together. 
That same week, we went on a double date with Josh's old roommate and his girlfriend to another Jazz game(we had previously bought tickets for it before we were invited to the suite).
Both times were a lot of fun. I love having that time with my husband. Thanks Lee Ann and Alisha for watching Jackson=D
The second game

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shaylin's Bridal Shower

Shaylin is one of good friends. We've known each other awhile, but we became closer during our freshman year of college, along with these ladies.
Courtney, Shaylin, Liz, Me, Amanda

She's getting married next weekend, so this weekend me and the above girls^ through her a bridal shower in Provo. It was fun to meet her friends and enjoy some delicious food!
The Bride

Not all the food was there yet. Her sister made these delicious brownie pops, but no picture=c

Jackson got to be at the 'girls' party

Shaylin is such a happy, sweet, funny girl.  I'm so happy for her and Cody!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Running post

Saturday I ran a little over 3.5 miles and it FINALLY FELT GOOD AGAIN! I felt like I could go on forever, but Jackson was saying,"Really mom, another minute? Please come play with me!" But I'm so grateful he lets me workout in the morning for at least 45 minutes now.
I'm only running every other day so I don't get injured.  On the off days I do a lower body workout and then a upper body workout.
For Christmas I got a Nike + Sport band from Josh Santa.  I love it so much.  It's smaller than a garmin so I don't feel the bulk on my wrist, and tells me how far I run, my pace, and calories.  You can upload your runs on and make goals and talk to other users.

You do have to use Nike+ shoes too, so that could be a negative, but I love my Nike shoes

You press the button on the side and it tells you miles, time, pace, calories

I love having my love for running back. I can't wait to start the half training!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas day was a lot of fun at the Scott house.  It was my first year spending Christmas with the Scott's and I loved being apart of all the traditions. We waited for the "Christmas Song" to play telling us we could make our way to the tree. We all opened presents and ate a breakfast casserole. 
Dads and their boys on Christmas Morning

Calvin and his new soccer ball

Grandma and Jackson in their Christmas PJ's

Uncle Jared got Jackson a sea turtle

He loves it!

After we opened presents we all went to church and got ready for the day.  We met back up for a fondue dinner. It was so delicious!  (sorry it was too delicious to pause for even a moment to take a picture)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve day we headed up North to see my side of the family before the Scott dinner that night. It was fun to see everyone and give my parents their presents.
Jackson, sister Neeley, Mom, niece Bayley

Jackson got a really cute Valentine's outfit that will make it's debut later
We headed to Josh's Grandma's house for dinner and their annual BINGO game. It was a lot of fun. We came away with oranges, a dice game, gum balls, and some peanuts.
Cousin Gracey holding Jackson

She was playing "This little Piggy" he loved it! (He spit up on his pants prior to the photo)

That night we headed to Josh's parents house where we had a wonderful devotional and spent the night. 

Sister Visit

My little sister came down from school in Idaho to be with family over the Christmas Break. She came and stayed with all 3 sisters that live in UT. We always love having family visit. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

We went to Planet Play

We had a lot of fun with you Bree! Thanks for coming, love you.

Congrats Whitney!

My SIL(sister in-law) Whitney graduated Nursing school from BYU this past month.  We are all so proud of her for doing her last semester (18, 12 hour shift clinicals I believe?) with a baby and a husband to take care of. She always had a smile on her face and did such an amazing job.  She had a lot of help from so many loving family members who were willing to babysit little Calvin.
She's a rock star. We wanted to celebrate her graduating by having a 'Day O Fun'.  My MIL watched Jackson AND Calvin at the mall so Whit and I could get pedicures.

they gave us warming blankets
The pedicures were really nice and we both enjoyed having smooth feet again.
Lee Ann even brought us delicious orange julius to drink. =D Unfortunately, Grandma Lee Lee had a different experience. . . she was walking them around the mall and got pretty far from us and they both started crying! Luckily Whitney was done with her pedicure and could go save her.
After our toes dried, babies were fed and changed, we headed to meet Santa.
 Typical of the two: Calvin smiling, and Jackson just sittin back watching mom try her hardest to get him to smile. "Sorry mom, I'm way to comfy to even give you a smirk."

It was a fun day and I'm so proud of Whitney for accomplishing all that she has.

5 month update

Jackson is 5 months and a couple weeks now and is growing faster than ever.
So many new things happen everyday it's hard to keep track. But some things that I DO remember because it's been the best thing that has happened to Josh and I as parents is. . . Jackson sleeps in his OWN bed the whole night!! 7pm-7am =D My sister Leah was a huge help in finally getting me to sleep train him.  It took about 3-4 nights for him to get the hang of it and not cry when we put him down (he only cried for about 20-25 min).
That's Jackson waking up in our bed. He used to sleep in there every night until we slept trained him.
Jackson now weighs about 20lbs
Eats rice cereal 2x a day (we're starting carrots today)
His first time eating Rice cereal

can roll from his belly to his back and his back to his belly (although he gets stuck sideways quite often)

Takes only 2 naps now. He started staying up later at night and skipping his evening nap.

He throws his arms out when he sees me coming to pick him up, I love when he does that.

Loves to pull Josh's hair and laughs so hard when he does.
We love you Jackson!