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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Short Lived

Well, unfortunately, I am not very tech savvy (as if that was a shock to anyone).  I cannot figure out how to post a new post on my training page.  I don't think it's possible, I think I can only add another page. Boo, that's not what I wanted. . .
So, I will post here my workout today, and then hopefully one of my more tech savvy friends will help me with my ever so important dilemma.
Ran 4 miles on the TM/1.0 incline/ 40 min

It was hard, I was tired, but I did it, so I feel good. 

Random: Costco was having a sale on their GIANT bags of peanut M&M's and that's what Josh chose for our dessert for date night. Well, lets just say that was Wednesday and the bag has maybe 5 left. . . I think the peanut inside counts as the protein I need after a workout right? Well that's what I've been telling myself.

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