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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I can't believe it's been 2 months since we were here
I love him so much. Josh and I laugh constantly at his silly faces and noises.
Jackson now
smiles more when we interact with him, not just when he passes gas
sleeps in his own bed 60% of the time (30% is me letting him sleep with me because I'm starting to think he's growing too fast, and the other 10% is Jackson not sleeping because he wants to be held..)
He plays this new trick when mom and dad get him all dressed and in his carseat he likes to blow out all over everything including the carseat
Holds his head up during tummy time
sleeps 5 hours at night
sucks on his entire hand (he hasn't found the thumb yet, and we try and put a pacifier in so he never finds his thumb)

Thanks Liz for the great photos!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Double 2's

My Birthday started around 9am.  That's right, even baby J knew it was a special day. He slept 4 hours for the first time, letting mom sleep in.
Last Sunday my sisters had a Sunday dinner/party for me.  We all got together at my sister Neeley's and my aunt Joanne and uncle Dave came too. We had lots of food and of course better than you know what cake (thanks Bebop for making it). We also had my favorite dessert, fruit pizzas, but I ate them all before I could take a picture..
After sleeping in until 9am Baby J and I got ready for our morning walk. I got to wear my new outfit Josh got me.
Nike shorts and a top too, but no pic. sorry

Jackson loves our walks, but once I stop walking, he usually starts crying.  This is right when I need to shower off, but today he was angelic. He stayed in his car seat while I showered.
He looks like he's scowling, but I promise he's happy
Warning: Josh really spoils me. . . he also got me this beautiful painting of the Salt Lake Temple where we were married.  I love this painting, we saw it at Thai Pan awhile back and I wanted it ever since.
Still need to decorate more in our in progress
Josh only works a couple of minutes away, so he always comes home for lunch. Today he surprised me with my favorite kneaders salad=D
raspberries, candied pecans, spinach, and chicken (I take the onions off)
 Josh knows me too well, and I can't say I didn't like it. I woke up from a nap to these beauties
The best sugar cookies from Harmons. Seriously,THE best $5 you'll ever spend

yup the size of your head, Heaven!
That night we used my Birthday coupon to Tacanos.  Best. Decsision. Ever.
My MIL even offered to watch Baby J.  It was our first time leaving him, but he did great. He loves his Grandma Lee Lee.

  Best 22nd B-day!! Thank you all who made it so special!
22 w/my fingers, not trying to be an Asian tourist