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Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about dancing in the rain.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yesterday for my workout I was supposed to run the track in intervals.  Well there was some huge event on both the BYU and Provo High school's track, so I headed to the gym and I was pretty disappointed. I like the workouts that I get to be outside and it's still warm so I  wanna take advantage as much as I can. Anyways I walked into the gym and a class was going and it looked like an ab class so I jumped in.  I quickly realized the music was pretty quiet and everyone had their shoes off... it was Yoga!
I've always been the type that likes to have really hard workouts and sweat, so yoga always seemed too mellow for me.  I loved it! I got a great core workout, and I felt so relaxed.  I just finished my workout with a run outside and called it a day. 
So, I guess I can now say I'm a Yoga fan.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


When there's only two of you for family night sometimes you gotta get creative! Or just satisfy your craving....I admit it, I had been really craving a giant half baked cookie topped with french vanilla ice cream.  So, for family night treat, I baked just that.  I didn't have any real pazookie maker, but my small baking dish did just great.  Josh and I devoured that giant cookie in literally minutes! It was very delicious!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Park City Meet the Steveson Girls!

My parents were in town from WA for about a week dropping my lil sis Bree off to BYU-I.  I have two sisters Leah and Neeley that live in North UT.  We all met up in Park City to go on these giant slides.  I think it was the first time all the sisters were together since my wedding.  We had such a blast! I don't have all the good pics, but the each person got there own little cart that you can control your speed.
 The Kids loved it, and the adults wanted to go again haha Bree was going down and some type of squirrel got in her way and she almost ran it over, she was afraid it was going to jump on her face lol

I love being able to spend time with my family, I hope everyone can move to UT soon!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vegas Weekend

This past weekend Josh and I made our way down to Vegas. It was so much fun! He had surprised me with the trip (but told me with enough time to plan, so not like a huge surprise). We headed down Friday afternoon at around 3pm and got there around 8pm and we did NOT bring snacks for the trip because we thought eating a big lunch and then eating dinner there would be not. We finally got to the Rain Forest Cafe and ordered the biggest burgers on the menu. It was the best dinner ever! We devoured our food and headed to south Vegas. Josh showed me all the cool sites and hotel lobbies. I was so amazed at the madness in Vegas, like one huge house party haha
I love people watching, so Vegas was a prime spot to just watch all the people dressing up just to get money from you to take a picture with them.
We went shopping at the outlets, Josh spoiled me for my Birthday, I'm really lucky to have a guy that is willing to go shopping with me and even answer silly questions like, "should I get this dress or that one" lol
Saturday night we ate at Planet Hollywood and walked around all of North Vegas. We got to see a lot of the water shows and amazing hotels. We headed back to our hotel to sip on our slurpies, but I suddenly felt REALLY sick. I ended up getting food poisoning from the appetizer at Planet Hollywood and threw up all night.
Sunday we were supposed to go see his friend in St. George, but that wasn't happening with my night of adventure lol we headed home and that was that. Overall the trip was a lot of fun, I guess we just had to leave with a bang haha

Birthday Dinner!

My mother in law offered to do a Birthday dinner for me and all of my family that was in Utah. That includes about 15 adults and 5 kids. I couldn't believe she was willing to take on this daunting task. The Scott's made delicious barbecued burgers, chips, beans, and my sisters brought very tasty potato and fruit salads.
It was the best Birthday ever! I loved having both mine and Josh's family together, it was so nice.
My mother in law doesn't bake too often, so when she asked what my favorite cake was, I had forgot that bakeries don't make confetti, but had told her confetti was my fav. She later confessed to me, that she went to all the bakeries and they had no idea what "confetti" cake was, so she had to buy and make it herself. I felt so bad, but she did such an amazing job. It was so moist and was 2 tiers! She's so sweet and I love her very much.
Thanks again for everyone who drove a long ways and came to celebrate with me.