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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Park City Meet the Steveson Girls!

My parents were in town from WA for about a week dropping my lil sis Bree off to BYU-I.  I have two sisters Leah and Neeley that live in North UT.  We all met up in Park City to go on these giant slides.  I think it was the first time all the sisters were together since my wedding.  We had such a blast! I don't have all the good pics, but the each person got there own little cart that you can control your speed.
 The Kids loved it, and the adults wanted to go again haha Bree was going down and some type of squirrel got in her way and she almost ran it over, she was afraid it was going to jump on her face lol

I love being able to spend time with my family, I hope everyone can move to UT soon!


  1. I love it when family comes to town...I bet you had so much with your family and all the girls! What were those big slides there for? are they still there?

  2. Ya they're there all the time. There's a roller coaster, trampoline, and zip lining!