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Thursday, February 24, 2011

High School

I love student teaching! My classes are so funny and we're finally at a good place where they respect me, and we can have a lot of fun. Yesterday we were doing an activity and I was helping one student while another was standing to the side of me.  Unfortunately he was grabbing the paper from a girl (flirting) and pulled back really fast and his elbow met my forehead!! It hurt really bad, but I felt bad for the kid because everyone in the class started yelling at him for "punching" the teacher. If only I was taller than my students. . .
This is a picture of me in high school, oh to remember the days haha

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DJ's in the House!

I'm sure many of you don't know, but Josh has a side job.  He's a DJ for weddings, corporate parties, BYU games, school dances, you name it, he's probably done it. Lately his business has sky rocketed! It's really fun to go with him on the weekends and see the different weddings or parties.  It seems like every weekend we're packing our little duffel and driving to Salt Lake to do a wedding or event.  We stay at his parents in Sandy so we save on gas.  It'll be so nice to have our house in Draper so we don't have to commute so often. We usually get free food (always a plus). You can check out his website!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts are for Valentines!

Valentine's is one of my favorite days. I love telling people that you love, that you love them! Josh and I had a VERY special Valentine.  We got to hear the HEART beat of our very own baby!!! I'm 13 weeks pregnant and last night was my first appointment. The heart beat was 160 (very fast, and according to the internet, that means a boy!) But we'll find out for sure in 4 weeks. . .
The Dr. was trying to find the baby to hear the heart beat and it kept running away. She says I have a VERY active baby, o dear.
We also made pizza together, barbecue chicken and pineapple and made heart shaped fruit pizzas for dessert. (pictures to come)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Josh!

Yesterday was Josh's birthday and he was lucky enough to not have work! He doesn't start his new job till. . . today, so he got to relax and go over all the boring loan papers for our house. I left him goodies to snack on while he was home (starburst and grasshopper cookies)
If you know Josh, you know he hates Birthdays. He thinks the singing and presents and everyone staring is awkward, so we just chilled as a couple and ate at Tacanos with his free meal coupon. It was so delicious. We left waddling a bit. . .  If you've been to Tacanos, you know that they come with a loud drum and want you to dance and they sing. Josh DID NOT want to do that haha and it happened to be everyone and their dogs Birthday sitting around us, so every time the drum man came Josh would get all tense. I got him a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, he loves reading.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Josh and I have been on THE longest roller coaster patiently waiting to find out where he'll be working. He's been tirelessly applying for job after job. We wanted to move North closer to our families so he'd been looking for a lot of jobs in Salt Lake, but it was not limited there.  Josh was on his computer constantly working so hard to find anything that suited him. FINALLY he saw a job opening at Ebay that sparked his interest so he quickly applied.  HE GOT THE JOB!! I'm so proud of him and excited that he'll be enjoying what he does everyday.  He's an account manager over accounts that deal with electronics (Josh's forte).

This brings me to my next point. . . we're moving to Draper into our very first home! We've been searching for a home and going to see a lot of them with our realitor. We love the location and love the house!
 This is the view from the front door
That's our new home! We move in April 1st!

Student Teaching

I have really neglected my blog lately, so I will catch all 2 of you that read this up...
I'm currently student teaching health to sophomores in high school! I have so much fun teaching! The students make me laugh by saying funny comments all day. For example, I had asked the students one thing that is on their bucket list. These are a couple of their replies, " I would like to run from bulls in Spain."(said by THE smallest kid ever) "I want to wakeboard behind a cruise ship" and more random things like that.

I luckily have a co-teacher that is AMAZING! We laugh all day and get to help each other lesson plan.
Go Dons! (yup's a guy that rides a horse, he looks like Zoro to me)