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Thursday, February 24, 2011

High School

I love student teaching! My classes are so funny and we're finally at a good place where they respect me, and we can have a lot of fun. Yesterday we were doing an activity and I was helping one student while another was standing to the side of me.  Unfortunately he was grabbing the paper from a girl (flirting) and pulled back really fast and his elbow met my forehead!! It hurt really bad, but I felt bad for the kid because everyone in the class started yelling at him for "punching" the teacher. If only I was taller than my students. . .
This is a picture of me in high school, oh to remember the days haha


  1. I bet he was embarrassed! Cute picture :)

  2. Super cute. I still remember you in highschool! It is strange to think you have a career and are going to be a mommy...

  3. I bet you're everyone's favorite teacher! No doubt. The cheer days remind me of when we lived with you guys... fun times!

  4. You are so cute! I bet teaching would be fun!