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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Josh!

Yesterday was Josh's birthday and he was lucky enough to not have work! He doesn't start his new job till. . . today, so he got to relax and go over all the boring loan papers for our house. I left him goodies to snack on while he was home (starburst and grasshopper cookies)
If you know Josh, you know he hates Birthdays. He thinks the singing and presents and everyone staring is awkward, so we just chilled as a couple and ate at Tacanos with his free meal coupon. It was so delicious. We left waddling a bit. . .  If you've been to Tacanos, you know that they come with a loud drum and want you to dance and they sing. Josh DID NOT want to do that haha and it happened to be everyone and their dogs Birthday sitting around us, so every time the drum man came Josh would get all tense. I got him a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, he loves reading.

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