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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Josh and I have been on THE longest roller coaster patiently waiting to find out where he'll be working. He's been tirelessly applying for job after job. We wanted to move North closer to our families so he'd been looking for a lot of jobs in Salt Lake, but it was not limited there.  Josh was on his computer constantly working so hard to find anything that suited him. FINALLY he saw a job opening at Ebay that sparked his interest so he quickly applied.  HE GOT THE JOB!! I'm so proud of him and excited that he'll be enjoying what he does everyday.  He's an account manager over accounts that deal with electronics (Josh's forte).

This brings me to my next point. . . we're moving to Draper into our very first home! We've been searching for a home and going to see a lot of them with our realitor. We love the location and love the house!
 This is the view from the front door
That's our new home! We move in April 1st!


  1. No way!! Sharsti, your house is HUGE!
    I would love that kind of space. We've been feeling so cramped in our little apartment lately. I'm so excited for you guys. Go Scotts!
    (And congratulations to Josh! I'm dreading my own job search in less than a year.)

  2. Don't leave me! Oh well...I guess I'll just have to come see you in your huge amazing house!

  3. Congratulations...That is so awesome!!

  4. Thanks everyone! We'll definitely be throwing parties and such, so ya'll better still come and visit us!

  5. That is soo exciting! CONGRATS!! to both of you!