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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vegas Weekend

This past weekend Josh and I made our way down to Vegas. It was so much fun! He had surprised me with the trip (but told me with enough time to plan, so not like a huge surprise). We headed down Friday afternoon at around 3pm and got there around 8pm and we did NOT bring snacks for the trip because we thought eating a big lunch and then eating dinner there would be not. We finally got to the Rain Forest Cafe and ordered the biggest burgers on the menu. It was the best dinner ever! We devoured our food and headed to south Vegas. Josh showed me all the cool sites and hotel lobbies. I was so amazed at the madness in Vegas, like one huge house party haha
I love people watching, so Vegas was a prime spot to just watch all the people dressing up just to get money from you to take a picture with them.
We went shopping at the outlets, Josh spoiled me for my Birthday, I'm really lucky to have a guy that is willing to go shopping with me and even answer silly questions like, "should I get this dress or that one" lol
Saturday night we ate at Planet Hollywood and walked around all of North Vegas. We got to see a lot of the water shows and amazing hotels. We headed back to our hotel to sip on our slurpies, but I suddenly felt REALLY sick. I ended up getting food poisoning from the appetizer at Planet Hollywood and threw up all night.
Sunday we were supposed to go see his friend in St. George, but that wasn't happening with my night of adventure lol we headed home and that was that. Overall the trip was a lot of fun, I guess we just had to leave with a bang haha

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  1. I love people watching too! Vegas is the best for that! We used to walk the strip every Thursday night from the MGM/NY NY to Treasure Island/Wynn when i lived there just to look at people (and get some exercise) My school (UNLV) was about a mile down the cross street that the MGM and NY,NY are on