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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 month update

Jackson is 5 months and a couple weeks now and is growing faster than ever.
So many new things happen everyday it's hard to keep track. But some things that I DO remember because it's been the best thing that has happened to Josh and I as parents is. . . Jackson sleeps in his OWN bed the whole night!! 7pm-7am =D My sister Leah was a huge help in finally getting me to sleep train him.  It took about 3-4 nights for him to get the hang of it and not cry when we put him down (he only cried for about 20-25 min).
That's Jackson waking up in our bed. He used to sleep in there every night until we slept trained him.
Jackson now weighs about 20lbs
Eats rice cereal 2x a day (we're starting carrots today)
His first time eating Rice cereal

can roll from his belly to his back and his back to his belly (although he gets stuck sideways quite often)

Takes only 2 naps now. He started staying up later at night and skipping his evening nap.

He throws his arms out when he sees me coming to pick him up, I love when he does that.

Loves to pull Josh's hair and laughs so hard when he does.
We love you Jackson!


  1. Way to go Jackson! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  2. He's adorable!!! I love this stage...they're still all squishy (: