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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

4 month update

Jackson had his 4 month check up today.

He's 25.8 inches long(75%)

He weighs 17 pounds(89%)

Other fun things Jackson has learned

sits up in his bumbo

grabs things intentionally

tries to jump up and down in his lil bouncing toy


loves to drool
He hates getting woken up when he's napping(like his mom)
Other than that he's a pretty happy chill baby.  Josh and I love to play with him and make him giggle.  The Dr. gave us the okay to start feeding him solid food, but I'm not in any rush. He seems to be pretty happy with breast milk, so I think I'll wait until he's not satisfied with just breast milk anymore.  I'll keep you updated=D
4 months, 10 days old


  1. My little chunk is so cute! I miss him so much! Can't wait to see you and him on Saturday!

  2. It goes by so fast!!! ...he's gettin so big & he's adorable!!!

  3. His expression in that third picture is PRICELESS. Love it.

  4. And it DOES go by ridiculously fast. Toby was 4 lbs at birth and now it's been 4 years and he's almost 40 lbs. I can't even handle it. When did my squeaky infant become a back-talking genius almost 4 year old? Scary.

  5. He's growing up so fast! Yay! And he is such a cutie!

  6. What a big guy! How did he do with his shots?

  7. Aw cute! When are you coming back up here so we can see him in person?