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Thursday, December 1, 2011


During our trip to WA Josh and I took an adventure to Seattle.  We've been there before, but this time we wanted to take a ferry.
Waiting to get on the ferry

I'm not sure who Jackson saw, but he seems to be saying, 'How You doin?'

They have the same smile haha
The ferry was a great new way to get to Seattle.  I loved all the beautiful homes and skylines we saw.

As soon as we got there we had food on our mind. I was starving and we were both craving some good seafood since we don't get much in land locked UT.
Ivaars: I got the clam chowder bread bow and  Josh got a Salmon BLT. Soooo good.
We headed up to Pikes Place Market. It was the busiest I've ever seen it. Busy+ stroller= not very pleasant
Instead we made our way here
 The food Network highlighted this cute little cheesecake shop and I wanted to see what the rave was about.
Need I say more?
Seattle is so beautiful in the fall.  We had a great adventure!

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