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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Running post

Saturday I ran a little over 3.5 miles and it FINALLY FELT GOOD AGAIN! I felt like I could go on forever, but Jackson was saying,"Really mom, another minute? Please come play with me!" But I'm so grateful he lets me workout in the morning for at least 45 minutes now.
I'm only running every other day so I don't get injured.  On the off days I do a lower body workout and then a upper body workout.
For Christmas I got a Nike + Sport band from Josh Santa.  I love it so much.  It's smaller than a garmin so I don't feel the bulk on my wrist, and tells me how far I run, my pace, and calories.  You can upload your runs on and make goals and talk to other users.

You do have to use Nike+ shoes too, so that could be a negative, but I love my Nike shoes

You press the button on the side and it tells you miles, time, pace, calories

I love having my love for running back. I can't wait to start the half training!


  1. Okay, I seriously read that you ran 35 miles and I peed my pants and had a heart attack. But still, 3.5 miles is awesome. Way to go!

    I think those Nike things are so cool. If I was a runner I would totally get one. Hooray for SantaJosh!

  2. I saw 35 miles too. I was like dang she's crazy! Good job 3.5 miles is still very impressive! I want a Nike sportsband sooooo bad. Maybe after this baby!

  3. haha I wish I ran 35 miles! Ya, 3.5 is my longest so far lol but maybe someday...

  4. Great job on getting back into running post baby! Reed has the Nike+ sports band and loves it. It is pretty awesome! Good luck with your future 1/2 marathon training!