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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Congrats Whitney!

My SIL(sister in-law) Whitney graduated Nursing school from BYU this past month.  We are all so proud of her for doing her last semester (18, 12 hour shift clinicals I believe?) with a baby and a husband to take care of. She always had a smile on her face and did such an amazing job.  She had a lot of help from so many loving family members who were willing to babysit little Calvin.
She's a rock star. We wanted to celebrate her graduating by having a 'Day O Fun'.  My MIL watched Jackson AND Calvin at the mall so Whit and I could get pedicures.

they gave us warming blankets
The pedicures were really nice and we both enjoyed having smooth feet again.
Lee Ann even brought us delicious orange julius to drink. =D Unfortunately, Grandma Lee Lee had a different experience. . . she was walking them around the mall and got pretty far from us and they both started crying! Luckily Whitney was done with her pedicure and could go save her.
After our toes dried, babies were fed and changed, we headed to meet Santa.
 Typical of the two: Calvin smiling, and Jackson just sittin back watching mom try her hardest to get him to smile. "Sorry mom, I'm way to comfy to even give you a smirk."

It was a fun day and I'm so proud of Whitney for accomplishing all that she has.

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  1. yes! such a fun day... creepy asian solon man and all!