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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Independence Day

My brother Joel and his beautiful family is moving to TX, so on their drive they stopped in UT.  We met up with them in Provo for a huge family picnic.  It was such a blast!
My beautiful sisters (Sarah, me, Bree, Leah)
I successfully made the traditional flag jello.  It was a hit and there were no leftovers to bring home. Fine with Josh and I, funny thing, neither of us like jello much and I hate whipped cream.
We headed to Sandy to see a parade with Josh's dad and grandparents.  His mom was MIA because my SIL was in labor!!
Josh, Grandpa Chesler, Richard

Cute little George Washington and Lady Liberty

coolest power wheel I've ever seen. . .

um, tape shoes?

it's cool, I'm going to dec my jazzy out too when I can't walk anymore. .

Have I mentioned Josh HATES pictures?

Then we made our way to Kaysville for a BBQ and firework show at my sister Leah's house.  There was a lot of food involved, family, and good music.  The firework show was awesome. I loved spending time with the fam!
Josh and his brother Jared. They couldn't look more different from each other!

Bree having fun with fireworks

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