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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh baby baby!

If you know me at all you know how incredibly un-crafty(if that's a word) I am.  The last time I sewed was in Junior High when I tried to make pajama pants in a summer sewing class.  I managed to do the pattern backwards and ended up with backward looking scrubs. . . So, as you can imagine it was a large task for me to make baby Jackson something 'homemade'.  My sister in-laws and MIL are all very crafty.  Jessica made me a gorgeous blanket, Whitney made me the cutest drool bandanas, and my MIL is making me a cute rag blanket.  Ok, so let's get to it, I thought the car seat covers looked relatively easy and decided that would be my 'homemade' contribution.  Don't worry it just took me about 4-5 hours!! My MIL was so sweet and dropped everything to help me.  She taught me how to use a sewing machine and coached me step by step. Here's the finished project (no looking too closely, may cause you to be ashamed)

The best part is it's double sided! I hope baby Jackson enjoys!


  1. Hey, thats not bad at all! From this distance anyway lol Good job! I've never even touched a sewing machine haha

  2. This is so stinkin cute! Good job :)