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Monday, June 13, 2011

31 weeks and happy! Sorry my pictures are always in the exact same spot, that's the only way I can do them myself haha
My baby is 3.3 pounds, 16 inches long, and can move his arms, legs, and head. I've been feeling him move a lot, but I enjoy those movements, he doesn't keep me up at night and I've still remained active.  I feel great, and don't mind that I have 9 weeks left.  I think I need those weeks to continue to prepare all Josh and I can.  Josh on the other hand, is getting really excited.  He keeps saying how he wants him to come now.  I think he's anxious to put on his Nike shoes and outfits he got from the shower.  Our baby is going to dress like a stud=D


  1. I love that you have having such a good experience with your pregnancy! Live it up!

  2. You are looking so dang cute and that your pregnancy is going so well!!