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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Boy!

At 32 weeks Baby Jackson has decided to drop already, so I think my belly looks different.  Last week at my apt. I was dilated to about 1 cm.  so I'm now taking medication to slow my contractions down.  I still feel good, just contract all the live long day! I'm not allowed to run anymore, so my workouts are more walking, strength training, and I recently went to yoga(not sure if I enjoy it yet). I'm more into workouts that make you sweat and I sing along to my playlists and often dance in between, so yoga sorta puts on damper on my style. . .

Due to excessive weight gain, my cheeks now squish my eyes to an even smaller squint haha


  1. You are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to hug you & your belly! :D

  2. um, excessive weight gain?! you look GREAT! it's so exciting you're in the final stretch!

  3. You are one of the cutest prego people I have ever seen!! You are looking fantastic!!