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Monday, June 27, 2011

Woman Cave

Josh may have done most/all of the work, but I have a new favorite room in the house, my 'woman cave.' I have always wanted to have a home gym and then train friends or close acquaintances.  I can't train officially yet because I'm not certified, but it's definitely on the "to do" list. 
Josh found the flat screen on an Ebay Daily Deal for $150! Steal! Now I can watch my shows, do my Jillian videos, and stretch all in the same room! I'm in love . . .

Josh of course put his touch in the room (he likes to run at night on the treadmill too)
(all of the walls are full of Lebron pictures and BYU football and basketball pics too) hehe

WARNING: TMI picture I know, but it's proof of the love and my approval of the room. Yup, that's my awesome side burn sweat haha

Now the room just needs more weights, rubber bands, an exercise ball, and a mat or two.  I'm thinking Christmas and Birthday gifts. . .

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