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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Josh and I had our first Halloween last year. We had a blast! This year is our first year as a married couple.  We've never carved pumpkins together, this year we did! I cleaned it all out and made it pretty on the outside, (photo on the left is my sister Leah, she found her Halloween costume..Richard Simmons!)
 then Josh got to choose what to carve...of course, it's a Nike swoosh. He's so funny! This weekend we went to my sister Neeley's for a halloween dinner and her Birthday celebration.We ate delicious soup and A LOT of candy and caramel apples.The kids loved them!  Saturday we made caramel apples again with some of our friends and watched The Knowing (we tried to find a really scary movie, but they're all R) so this movie was good and pretty creepy. We went to dinner to Pei Wei and had a great time! Another successful Halloween!


  1. HAHA! That costume is really funny. And those apples look pretty tasty...I want one

  2. So I forgot to give you the pumpkin cookie recipe. I am actually making some right now..
    A box of spice cake and a small can of pumpkin puree..mix together...bake for 15 minutes at 350 and Presto..the best cookies ever. I make cream cheese frosting and make them into sandwiches, frosting in the Delicious!!