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Monday, May 23, 2011

Great Weekend!

This weekend was pretty rainy, but the clouds opened up and the sun shined on Saturday.  Josh and I took full advantage and hunted out some garage sales.  We love looking for a good deal.  Unfortunately there was nothing this weekend, but it was still fun to drive with our windows rolled down shouting when we saw a 'garage sale' sign. 
Saturday was also my sister in-law Whitney's baby shower.  It was a really fun party with cute decorations and delicious food.  I love my second family, they're always so kind to me and make me feel so welcomed.  Whitney received so many great gifts, I'm so happy for her and it made me excited for my shower.  Here's a pic of her and I, we're exactly 1 month apart.  She's due July 15 and I'm due August 15th!

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