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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Festivities

Saturday's, as mentioned before, Josh and I love to scope out garage sales.  This Saturday was such a success! Not only did we find a ton of baby toys, clothes, swings, and everything else, it was only 2 houses down.  We already have a lot of baby stuff from my sisters, but we got a baby safety gate for $2 and a basketball hoop for $5. 
After stashing our finds, we headed to my sister Leah's house for my nephew Ike's birthday.  They just moved into their new house and we had a huge barbecue.  It was so much fun to be with family, eat good food, and see Ike get so excited about his presents. He turned 5 and is such a funny kid.  Once everyone had arrived, he stood on their stairs and announced, " Can I have everyone's attention please? Thank you all for coming to my Birthday, let's get this started with a prayer.  Josh, could you say the prayer?" haha He was so polite and loved to be the star. Did I mention he's obsessed with Cars? His mom made an awesome cake for him!


  1. Aww Ike's birthday party looks so much fun! Did your mom make that mater cake? It looks AWESOME!!! So cute!

  2. Cute party!

    I LOVE garage sales. For all of Myles' baby clothes they were hand me downs...but I would indulge myself in buying him little cute shoes at garage sales.