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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Josh booked a Sweet 16 Birthday party in Vernal for Thursday night.  We left Thursday afternoon and made the 3 hour drive and made a fun trip out of it.  We got there and ate at A&W because I love onion rings right now, checked in to our hotel and got ready for the party.  The party was themed techno, so there were light dancers and we played crazy techno music.  Not usually our scene, but it was fun and very entertaining. 
The next day we did a session at the Vernal Temple. It was such a great experience, their temple is very small and we felt so welcomed by all the regulars there (yup a group of the cutest old people do 3 sessions a day!) They were ecstatic to see a young couple.
After we made our way to the Dinosaur Museum! We had a great time in Vernal and decided it would be really fun to take Baby Jackson to play at the museum when he's a little older=D


  1. That would be fun for a little older kid I think...I like the mammoth. lol

  2. these dino pictures are CRACKING ME UP! hilarious.