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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is the day of love.  This isn't just for those that are in relationships, but also a day where you can send someone a sweet note of love. This could be to your parents, a neighbor, or family member.  I think it's a great reminder to say 'I love you.'
Tonight Josh and I plan to order Chinese take out with homemade heart shaped pazookie, and a movie about love... or whatever we feel like.
Don't worry I didn't forget about why you really read my blog


  1. Haha! He is so cute! I just wanna squeeze him!

  2. Oh man, pizookies. Are there anything better? I had to stop making them. We gained like 50 lbs (each) because I used to make them every Friday night when we were first married.

  3. OH, I want to squeeze him! His cheeks are so darling!

  4. He's getting so big, what a sweetie :)