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Monday, August 13, 2012

Runner's funk

So, I lost my camera cord in WA and I'm waiting for a new one in the mail. I have a lot to catch up on when I can get my photos off my camera. Until then, you get to hear me vent about running...

When I got back from WA I just didn't feel like running much. I went on a 6 miler a week ago and it sucked, bad. WA air is so clean and awesome and UT air, well, sucks. Ever since that craptastic run I sort of gave up on myself.
Today I ran 4 miles since it's my taper week(you do lower mileage leading up to a race). I'm running the Porter Half in Draper. I've been so nervous since the last week I haven't ran much at all. Today I felt good. I need to remember that with every horrible run there's a good run to come. You have to feel the rough patches to appreciate the runs that make you wanna put those shoes back on and hit the pavement. I also learned that if you don't feel like running (or working out for that matter) it's okay to take a break or do a different kind of workout to get yourself back in the groove.
On a positive awesome running note:
I've ran 500 miles in these shoes, which means I needed new running shoes to prevent injury(Nike Lunarglide, the original) they don't make them anymore=(

My new shoes! I've ran two shorter runs in these and so far I like them. I'm a creature of habit so I really hated parting with my other shoes. (Nike Lunarglide 3)

Since we're on the shoe topic, did I mention J is obsessed with shoes?
He takes all my shoes out

and just because, super baby! 


  1. Well, for health purposes, I guess you'd better just move back up here!

  2. You are so impressive to have fun 500 miles in those shoes, wow!

    LOVE super baby! He is darling. Lacey loves shoes (and trashcans) too! What is it with babies finding the grossest things to play with?

  3. I've been feeling the same way with my running. The air here is just awful. Good luck on your half:) I don't have any races coming up because we're moving to Philadelphia in a couple weeks so I'm hoping I can keep my mileage after we get there. I have gotten the same type of shoes on and off for the last ten year (mixuno wave riders) why fix something that's not broken:)

  4. I hate runner's funk! totally know how you feel! Seriously you look so awesome. you Need to teach me your ways post preg.:) xo