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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Seattle

The past 2 weeks I was visiting my family in WA state. The trip was full of ups and downs. You see, my brother and sister got married one week from each other. It was such a great and exciting time for the family. 1 temple endowment session(for my sister), 2 temple sealing sessions, 2 receptions, and a whole lot of memories.
It'll take me a moment to collect my thoughts and recap the weeks on the blog so for now I'll leave you with a beautiful picture I captured while on my long run the last morning in WA. I loved running there. I felt like I could breath so much better and I could run a lot faster. My family was so kind to me and was willing to watch Jackson so I could run every other morning. I only missed 1 training run and that's because I was very tired after my sisters reception and opted to sleep in Saturday morning.
Seriously, so beautiful!

A not so pretty picture. How do you like my sweaty baby hairs that post pregnancy has left me with? Lovely, just lovely. 


  1. HA WHINER. My hair is always like that. Which is why I routinely shave my head (and then regret it, vow to grow it out, and in process of growing it out remember how crappy my hair is.)

  2. I love the baby hairs :)

    It was soooo wonderful to see you, Josh, and Jackson! Very glad we were able to make Bree's reception!

    Go you! Running like a champ!!!