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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5 things I love today

#1 Days off
Josh took a day off this Monday so we hit up 7 peaks. J loved having dad there and was excited to try new things since we had some extra hands to help. Josh's sister and mom came too, so Josh and I were able to go down the bigger slide.

#2 Sleeping baby
Jackson has slept through the night (knock on wood) consecutively for 3 weeks now. It's changed my life, forever, seriously.

#3 Running
I have 2 more races this summer and I'm so excited for them. I love pushing myself and seeing what I'm capable of.  The feeling I get after a great run or even a run that made me mentally stronger is so awesome to me. I love having something I can do for myself. After a run I feel like I'm a much better mom and wife because I have a sense of accomplishment.
5 miles on the treadmill and yes that's a gate that I put up for J to play in while I run, he loves it as long as there's fun toys and good snacks=)

#4 Summer Meals
They are so simple, fresh, and delicious. I love just grilling up some meat, throwing it on a salad, with a side of fresh fruit. That's homemade potato wedges too(thanks Whit for the idea!)

#5 Family
I love living close to family and feel so blessed that I get along so well with them all.
7 peaks with Josh's sister and mom

Hike around SnowBird with my sister and her kids
zoo with my sisters and mom

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