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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A mural and an Explosion

Saturday Josh's family headed up to Bingham to explore the Copper Mines. Josh and I had never been and were amazed at the massive production. We had fun looking at the trucks, learning about the fun facts( the mine is a mile deep!),  watching an explosion of the mine, and spending time with Josh's grandparents.

Josh's brother Jared, Grandpa Norm, Josh, Whitney and Cal

Grandma Lee Lee and J

It was special to learn about the mine from his Grandpa Norm and Grandma Donna because Norm had a lot of ties to the mines.  His family used to live in Bingham city that is now the mine. His parents also owned a movie theater there called "The Princess" and the visitors center had some fun memorabilia on display.
Norm's dad donated this hand painted picture of the mine that was once in the their theater. There's a picture of his dad too.

The group minus Grandma Lee Lee(in a dark theater)

It was fun to learn about the cute town and see where Grandpa Norm grew up.

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