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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Double Weddings

The family joked around for a couple of months about how it'd be funny if my sister and brother got married on the same day. The famous last words were, "What could possibly go wrong?" When both couples were trying to figure out how to get all the family there for both days without making those in TX fly up twice they compromised to have the weddings a week apart from each other.

It was wild. It was crazy. It was AWESOME.

Jordan and Celeste's wedding was classic. It was beautiful. Perfect and such a happy day. We all love Celeste so much. We couldn't be happier for the both of them and their new little family of 4.
Celeste's family did such a beautiful job with everything. I loved the 'milk and cookies' bar=)

Bayley was my lifesaver! Josh's flight was canceled so she helped with J...all week=)

J waiting for me to put his socks on haha

The next weekend was my sisters wedding. We decided(my mom and sisters) that we'd do all the food ourselves. The reception was also in my parents backyard. My parents did more work than I think we'll ever know in the yard. It looked so beautiful. They had a lot of help from my talented Aunt Linda as well. She was a HUGE  help. My mom's sisters also helped with the flowers and the wedding cake!

Josh made it to this one, yay!

The week leading up was a lot of work. Everyday we had scheduled what we need to be baking or cooking. We also were trying to entertain all the kids. Although it was a lot of work I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else. We all had so many laughs and great memories. We had fun experimenting with all the delicious food. Our theme was "The bite size bride" because my sister Bree is so short. All the food was mini. Mini cupcakes, cheese cakes, pies, wafer cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and lemon bars. We also had pasta salad, fruit, veggies, bruchetta, chicken sandwiches, and a candy bar.

the start of the dance party

My grandpa's Model A used for the presents
The day was amazing and a lot of fun. The bride and groom looked so happy. At the end of the day we ended with a big dance party. It was a great celebration to an end of the week of weddings.

It was so nice to be together with the entire family. Seriously, all 7 brothers and sisters were there.

we had smore's in the fire pit one night

Another night we went to my sister in laws mom's house
 Throughout the week we realized we had about 8 people in the family that was having/had a Birthday. So, we had a giant Birthday bash for them all with cake and salmon, so delish!
we could all just sit around and talk and laugh, it was the best

Family if forever and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Sounds like a super crazy and super fun week! Your family is amazing to do all the cooking for the reception. It looks like it turned out beautiful - that backyard is amazing!