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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter with the Cheslers

Easter Sunday started with church at 9am, of course Jackson wore his Easter outfit.

After church we headed to Josh's aunt Lezlie's house for Easter dinner and egg hunt. Jackson had a great time with dad finding sucking on eggs.

His cousin Grace helped him too, but she definitely dominated and won the 'best egg hunter' award.

Josh's Grandma and Grandpa Chesler have a tradition of giving babies their first Red Vine. This Easter, Jackson and Calvin received their very first Red Vine packages.

We stripped the babes down

They REALLY enjoyed it!

Calvin nicely chomped on his (he has teeth)

Jackson had it everywhere!

Grandma and Grandpa Chesler

We all enjoyed the beautiful Spring day in Lezlie's beautiful backyard.

She is so kind and thoughtful. She got Calvin and Jackson their own play pen, blankets, toys, high chairs, and fun treats to keep them entertained throughout the night.

They both loved it and did great the whole time. Thanks again Lezlie and Pat!

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