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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 3 of Running

This week was my third week of training for my first half marathon. Can I say I've loved it? It's really hard work, but I love that feeling after you've done something hard. I feel so accomplished and that feeling carries over into other aspects of my life.
hitting the treadmill with my favorite Nike shoes(please forgive my pasty white, hairy legs;)

I found myself trying new things and wanting to do more with my day. I'm working on some new hobbies(more on that later), and I can't help but want to help others find a love for running. Did I mention my sister in-law Whitney is training with me? She's a rock star! She runs with her baby Cal, runs in the evenings, and even when it's cold outside. I love being able to talk to her about running and I hope she finds herself loving it more than hating it ;)

What was your workout today?
What have you done lately that has made you want try harder?

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