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Monday, April 30, 2012

Saying Goodbye

I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends this week. Liz was one of the first friends I made when I moved to UT for school. We met how I meet most of my friends, over food. The ward provided pumpkin pie and I was all about the pumpkin filling but didn't like the whip cream on top or the crust. Well, lucky for me, Liz liked that part and wasn't too excited about the filling. . matched made in best friend heaven.
At the ward activity where we first met=)

From that day on we hung out I moved in everyday. We always have a good time whether we're dancing, eating, or laughing till we cry. We made lots of friends, but there was 5 of us that seemed to be connected at the hip.


Amanda, Liz, Courtney, me about to go dancing

Going to conference together

The 5 of us at a game night freshman year

I'm really going to miss her, luckily her in-laws live in UT so she will come to visit.
Me, Liz, Shaylin, Amanda bridesmaids at Courtney's wedding
She's moving to TX so her husband can continue going to medical school, and she's originally from there so she's more than thrilled to return. Miss you Liz!!
This picture was taken our Sophomore year when I was going home for a couple of weeks. But this is how I feel now, and you're gonna be gone a lot longer=(


  1. :( Bye Liz!! We'll definitely miss you!! Thank goodness for the internet!

  2. Aww Sharsti...this post made me cry :-( I'm going to miss yall so much! I will NEED to come back and see all of yall again. I love you so much! Thank goodness for that piece of pumpkin pie that brought us together...Love you!

  3. That's soooo sweet Sharsti!! I didn't know yall had known each other that long. Cute story :) Bittersweet but YAAAAY Congrats Liz and what part of Texas are u moving to? Cuz if you're in Dallas def call me or something so we can hang out!!! Good luck with the move. Miss y'all :)