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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What makes for a good run?

Saturday's  run was so awesome. I just felt good the whole run and enjoyed being outside with my thoughts. I took a challenge from a running blog I follow and didn't even have to turn my ipod on. I was so caught up in my surroundings and how good I felt. I didn't do much different from some of my previous runs, so I wonder, what makes for a good run?
Obviously getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and listening to your body helps. But I think the main thing that helps me is my routine before a run.
My routine:
eat something light (cereal, toast, or a granola bar)
brush my teeth and blow my nose (you have no idea how bad this would drive me crazy if I didn't do it)
get all my gear ready to go (Nike band, ipod, mace, and WATER)
During my run, for the first time ever, I ran with water. Josh bought me a Nathan Hydration belt and it made all the difference. I like the pouch to hold my phone, car key, chap stick, and gum.
After my run I always drink low fat chocolate milk, stretch, and then eat lots of greens, lean proteins, ice cream=) and of course drink a lot of water. I wonder if Josh would mind if I wore the hydration belt on our Saturday errands??

What's your running routine?

What makes a good run for you?


  1. I LOVE Nathan waterbottles. I don't have the hydration pack, just a normal stainless steel bottle, but I adore it. I've had one for about 2 years (had to replace my last one) and they kick other bottles trash. They are so awesome. I want to get a holster thing though because I carry my bottle with me everywhere and it gets annoying and heavy. I even like the Nathan bottles better than those Camelbak things. Those never lose the plastic straw taste, blech.

    I hate runny noses when I am exercising and allergy season makes it ten thousand million times worse. How do you like your Nike band? I am thinking about getting one for Nate and me.

  2. That belt is really cool. I usually have to chew gum because I can't run around holding a water bottle...things in my hands drive me nuts!