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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

baby and life

Jackson can sit up! I knew he'd learn, I mean, have you ever met anyone that couldn't sit up? Sitting up just clicked for him a couple of days ago, and now he'd like to pretend he's pro. . .

yes, it's true, even his little fingers are packed with chub

Life. It's been busy, but in a good way. I feel like it's getting a little more 'normal' around here since Jackson arrived. We have found our family rhythm which is far from what our old rhythm was. Now when we're leaving Josh knows he's got baby duty (putting J in his car seat) and you can bet I'm the one running around with my head cut off screaming out, "binky? food? diapers? extra clothes? blanket?" "Okay we're good" and then running out the door. 
If you look in my workout room a year ago you'd see this:

Fast forward to now:

I'm lucky to have a treadmill and I'm even more lucky to have a baby that will play with his toys while I run. . . even if he lasts only 45 minutes.

Our new normal is what we enjoy. Josh and I love our little family. I don't think either of us knew how much more love and joy our life could have with this little guy.


  1. Jackson is a total cutie! And what a good baby that he'll play for a whole 45 minutes while you run.

    Love the sitting up pictures! I can't wait until Lacey becomes a "pro" too so we can use the restaurant high chairs. So much easier than the big sling!

  2. I like the "look mommy, no hands!" 2nd picture

  3. I miss his chubby cheeks! We have to get together before I leave forreals though!