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Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow Day

Another snow day here in UT.

I know I can't complain all that much, but is it fair to say I'm getting a bit anxious for summer? Last summer I looked like this
Lets just say, I wasn't really begging Josh to take me swimming, boating, or anywhere for that matter. I guess it didn't help I was on bed rest too.
J and I have been left to play inside once again with our lil space heater and all. This summer, I'm not wasting anytime inside.

Lets hope we're seeing more of this
Lake Powell 2010
And doing more of this:
walking/joging outside with J
Going to the park as often as possible
Water parks
Lake Powell
Visits to my sisters' houses and the pool
Get a little bike buggy so J can 'bike' with Josh and I
Play in our yard on the grass
Explore more of the trails behind our house

This list can go on and on. I'm so excited for spring and summer!!!

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  1. Good luck with the bike buggy! I think those things are so cool. I have tried to do them for 4 years with Toby and I just can't haul myself around on a bike, let alone all of his 40 lbs plus the 50 lb gear!

    When you get a helmet for the bambino, the best place for babies is to get them online :) We should swim together. I am planning on getting Toby and me passes to the Draper pool for all summer this year. I'm tired of breaking into the Liberty Hills pool!