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Monday, March 5, 2012

7 months

7 words I would use to describe Jackson
exploring all corners of his room
soft (Josh does not agree, he would say he's muscular)

At 7 months Jackson loves to taste whatever dad and mom are eating. Some of his favorite tastes are pockey's(Grandpa Scott brings them home from Japan) and licorice.
He's still our little rollie pollie and tries to crawl but he looks more like he's break dancing with all those circles. . .
He hates sitting up and will only do so for about 23.2 seconds.
He LOVES bath time and his new toys. He gets sad when the water starts draining and will try and kick the drain so it will close(he's very successful at this).
 He tried a bottle for the first time and loves to drink a little bit of water while the rest ends up on his shirt.

When he hears the garage door opening he gets excited and starts flapping his arms because he knows dad is home. He doesn't stop talking when Josh is around and will NOT take his eyes off of him.
Loves to be held by dad

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