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Monday, October 1, 2012

Where them girls at

This is well over do, but after my race a couple of Saturdays ago I met up with some of the best ladies in the state of UT. These girls have been on the blog a lot, cuz their just the best. (we were missing Amanda=/)
We met up at Zuppas for some delicious lunch. I got the clam chowder and extra bread(thanks Liz!) I love that you get a free chocolate dipped strawberry with your meal!
Shaylin, Liz, Courtney,no amanda=(

The view the girls had, "Heeeyy Sexy ladies"
We were seated near the door and Jackson loved telling everyone hi and bye as they passed. He loved flirting with the girls. J is a social butterfly, butterfly? hmmm he's a social fly, ya that's more masculine. Anyway, I caught a couple cute pics of him schmoozing with the ladies. I love getting together with my girls, I always leave missing them and looking forward to our next get together.

He would dance and shake his bum for them..oh dear


  1. Hahahaha Jackson.. Such a funny little dude (: That really was so much fun, and I'm excited to do it every month instead of 6 months! Love you Shar!

  2. PLEASE tell me that the "Heey Sexy Ladies" caption is in reference to Gangnam Style!

  3. LOL! I loved all the cute pictures of Jackson flirting. :) Always so nice to hang out with good friends!

  4. AHHHH!! i love all of these pics sooooo much!

  5. I had so much fun! I can't wait until our next girls night! And yes I can't wait to flirt with Baby J again! He is so dang cute!