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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

mom's in town, and a long run

This week has been a busy one. My dad left on Monday to get back to work, but my mom got to stay a whole extra week! My sisters and I take turns having her stay with us and fortunately it was my turn. My favorite times are just when we can relax and chat. I loved coming home in high school on the weekends and talking to my mom about the nights events. Now we just talk about real life stuff, like how I can convince my dad's boss to open a new dental office here in Draper . . .

evening walk with Grandma
playing at the park
cousins taking turns pushing J
we love to check out Harmons, and of course Grandma got him a cookie=)
I love just having my mom along with me doing the day to day things, it sure cuts our phone bill in half. We had fun shopping at Thai Pan, playing at the park with the kids, going to book club, and Brittany's baby shower. (had to drop my mom off at the airport after, tears, k enough talking about it).


Moving on

Saturday morning before the baby shower my friend Lindsay and I set out to do 10 miles before our race next week.(my mom slept at Leah's Friday to help with Shower stuff) It was dark, cold, and windy. Luckily it lightened up before too long and the miles ticked by, well, for Lindsay. Unfortunately, by mile 6 I was done. I'm so glad I had a partner to run with because I probably would've quit, but we finished.
view of the mountains from my car after run

*edited to add: my heel has really been hurting me since the run and I took yesterday(monday off) and I'm taking today in hopes of a 100% better heal by race day Saturday!!!

Here's to resting!

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  1. Oh man it's so hard when the mom goes home. I bawled my entire flight back to Arkansas when I left my mom. Sniffle. but it's so nice to have decent technology where we can SKYPE and text!!!!! and email and get instant-ish responses. I love instant-ish responses. They may my world go round!

    Your running is always crazy impressive to me.