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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall colors and upcoming races

For family night we wanted to back to the canyon that we recently took our family pictures at. During the pictures Jackson would get so upset that we weren't letting him play in the dirt, rocks, and leaves. We decided to take him back and let him get dirty while we enjoyed the b.e.a.u.tiful scenery. The canyon is right by Josh's parents house so on our way up we called them, well they were already going there too! Great minds think a like. . .
The pictures,

I know I said my last half was my last, but I couldn't resist this one last race of the season. There's a Haunted Half in Salt Lake and I found a promo code, so it was only $30!! The one in Provo is $70 and I really wanted to run it but couldn't justify the price so I'm so glad I found the Haunted Half. I even convinced two of my friends (Amanda and Lindsay) to run it with me. I'm so excited and need some costume ideas, so let me hear em'!

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  1. Umm, my suggestion is anything that includes a tutu! How cute (and light weight) would that be for a run? You three should do something matchy-matchy like cute witches, fairies, or Fancy Nancies.